Savory, tradition, taste, quality: magic ingredients in a delicious world - the world of ULKER!

The sweet story started more than six decades ago, in 1944. It was then when Sabri Ulker and his three workers have placed in the oven, for the first time, the tasty biscuits Petit Beurre. The world has been immediately subdued by their taste, and the business has grown one year after another, in 2008 holding the 12th place in the worldwide confectionery industry, according to" Candy industry top".

The number of employees has also increased, the company has conquered new territories, and more than 29,500 employees are currently working for Ulker throughout the world.

Right now, Ulker is the brand of more than 1500 products, exported and relished in more than 110 countries around the world. The company has factories in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Kazakhstan, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.