HEAVU DUTY Batteries

• Toshiba Heavy Duty batteries use manganese dioxide for the positive active material, zinc for the negative active material, neutral salt solutions such as zinc chloride ammonium chloride for electrolyte.
• The Heavy Duty series batteries are particularly suited for slightly heavy duty applications such as flashlights, radio cassette recorders, and clocks.
• A unique sealing structure assures excellent shelf life and resistance to leakage over a long period of time.
• No mercury or cadmium is added.

Heavy Duty R6KG, 40 pcs in box10000043297013339
Heavy Duty R14KG, 20 pcs in box4804904530582158
Heavy Duty R20KG, 20 pcs in box200043297011212
Heavy Duty 6F22KГ, 10 pcs in box6004904530586699