Black Teas

Ceylon - Only the finest high-grown teas from the hillsides of Sri Lanka, producing a drink of golden colour and special character. May be served with milk or a slice of lemon. Individually packed in aluminium foil.

Earl Grey - A subtle blend of oriental teas scented with the elegant fragrance of bergamot. A favourite English beverage, usualy served without milk. Individually packed in aluminium foil.

English breakfast - A classical blend of fine teas which characterises the traditional English cup of tea. Usually taken in the morning with milk, this popular tea can of course be enjoyed at any time of the day with or without milk for a refreshing experience. Individually packed in aluminium foil.

English tea No.1 - A long-standing favourite, No.1 is a blend of premium quality teas with a subtle flavour of bergamot. Balanced in aroma, colour and strength. A delightful cup for all times of the day.

Decaffeinated tea - A blend of the finest decaffeinated teas with a very light flavouring of bergamot, particularly suitable for drinking in the evening. An enchanting cup for those who wish to reduce their caffeine intake. May be served with or without milk. Individually packed in aluminium foil.

Ceylon 20 х 2 g6054881005630
Earl Grey 20 х 2 g6054881005517
English breakfast 20 х 2 g6054881005555
English tea No.1 20 х 2 g6054881006163
Decaffeinated tea 20 х 2 g6054881008471