By selecting the best muscat grapes which experts define as one of the oldest varieties, we create unique and authentic spirit with rich flavor and natural taste. This quality is achieved using seeds and herbs harvested with great care. The name of the drink comes from the processing of pure grape skins remaining after extraction of the must. For the production of 1 liter tsipouro 6 kilograms of grapes are used. This ensures the product’s quality. The drink is produced solely in Greece, as the European Union recognizes this right through the ‘trademarks of origin’ programme.

Key features:

Double distillation – After the content of the raw material is placed in copper stills, we proceed to the double distillation, which is an extremely important process for the quality of the final product. The first distillation removes the “”head”” (which consists of a high alcoholic grade and aldehyde, giving a “”rusty”” taste) and the “”tail”” (containing a much higher level of alcohol that weighs down the taste and the aroma and is responsible for headaches). During the second distillation we repeat the above-mentioned procedures so that the product becomes purer and with finer aroma, as well as with a more mature taste.

Double filtration – The product obtained by this double distillation is then filtered and stored for 2 weeks in stainless steel tanks so that it becomes clear and more homogeneous. Right before bottling a second filtering takes place which guarantees the superior quality of the final product.

Sugar content – 0%.

Control – Each stage of the production process is strictly controlled by Greek state authorities. They seal the tanks in which the raw materials for distillation of tsipouro are being stored.

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