BioApteka is a cosmetic brand built on the properties and useful qualities of superfoods, created and launched by Bilka Lifestyle in 2018. The products are entirely based on the concept of superfoods as a natural remedy for health and beauty.
The first range that BioApteka launches on the Bulgarian market is Honey Therapy. The main ingredient of the products is honey, known as one of the greatest superfoods.
The product portfolio of Honey Therapy has eleven products created entirely on the basis of the amazing properties and qualities of honey, royal jelly and propolis: a day and night face cream, lip balm, shampoo and hair conditioner, shower gel, body cream, hand cream, toilet soap, toothpaste and mouthwash.
The combined action to hydrate and nourish, clean and exfoliate, regenerate and protect is a hidden power of the honey products.
A hidden power of the honey products is the combined action to hydrate and nourish, clean and exfoliate and to regenerate and protect.
The complexity of hair and body products can gently clean and successfully handle urban pollutants provide vital minerals and trace elements to nourish and hydrate. The ingredients have powerful anti-inflammatory action and antibacterial effect. It helps regenerate cells, overcomes oxidative stress and wipe out wrinkles and scars.
The power of bioactive ingredients in the Bioapteka Honey Therapy series reveals your natural beauty, and their healing properties which help tackle imperfections.