Milupa BIO Rice Oat cereal, First choice

BIO rice dairy-free cereal

corn-based cereal for 4 months onwards, suitable for weaning infants and feeding toddlers
• Milk-free
• No added sugar
• Gluten free

Bio rice dairy-free cereal, made like milk-corn cereal. It is suitable for first choice for weaning infants when breast milk or formula alone can no longer meet the baby’s growing nutritional requirements. Milupa BIO rice cereal is with delicate taste, gluten free and easy-to-digest for your little one. onwards are healthy option for the next phase after start the weaning. Milupa BIO Rice cereal is to be used from 4-months onwards. It is suitable for toddlers and should be used as part of a balanced mixed diet. The natural riceflakes are tasty and easy soluble.
Important notice: Breastfeeding is best for your baby!
Feeding your baby with milk or breastfeeding is best for your baby, for as long as possible. This cereal should be used from 4 months onwards on medical advice and should be given as part of a balanced diversified diet. From the age of 6 months, if advised by your doctor or nurse, gradually give complementary foods.

250 g