Capacity, coverage, technological preparedness


The logistics team of Axxon Bulgaria JSC ensures the logistics process is smooth, secure, and problem-free throughout every stage – from goods acceptance and processing, to storage and safekeeping, to the goods’ delivery to their final retail locations.

Thanks to its years-long experience in handling the logistics of fast-moving consumer goods, the company is able to offer a compelling service to its clients while also taking into consideration the special needs of each client. Such considerations include any unusual requirements associated with the distribution channel used by the client as well as any other peculiarities in connection to product delivery.

The quality of the services provided by Axxon Bulgaria JSC are ensured thanks to the ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality management standards which are deeply engrained within the company’s processes. These standards have been developed using the best practices across the world when it comes to the trading of fast-paced consumer goods.

Infrastructure and Warehouse Space


Axxon Bulgaria JSC manages a total of 27,000 sq. m of office and warehouse space. This includes an administrative building, a Central logistical center in Sofia, and seven regional centers throughout the country.

The company’s central logistical center is located in industrial area Obelya with address Sofia, str. Georgi Karaslavov 14A. The facility covers an area of 14,000 sq. m and has a capacity of 12,000 pallet seats.

All operations of the logistical center are aided by a modern warehouse management system (WMS) which tracks all processes such as goods accrual, movement, storage, and release.

Regional office Blagoevgrad

“Pod gramada”area, road 13

Tel. (+359 73) 880 133
Fax (+359 73) 880 033
Mob: (+359 899) 123 152
e-mail: blagoevgrad@axxon-bg.com

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Regional office Burgas

20 Yanko Komitov Blvd, Business center North

Tel. (+359 56) 815 552
Fax (+359 56) 815 552
Mob: (+359 899) 123 110
e-mail: burgas@axxon-bg.com

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Regional office Varna

Industrial zone ”Planova”
“3 Mart” Blvd, KOOP Trade

Tel. (+359 52) 730 409
Fax (+359 52) 730 409
Mob: (+359 899) 123 094
e-mail: varna@axxon-bg.com

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Regional office Pleven

Industrial zone
UPI LI – area 608

Tel. (+359 64) 801 203
Fax (+359 64) 800 516
Mob: (+359 899) 123 126
e-mail: pleven@axxon-bg.com

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Regional office Plovdiv

72 Maria Luisa Blvd.

Tel. (+359 32) 600 530
Fax (+359 32) 600 531
Mob: (+359 899) 123 079
e-mail: plovdiv@axxon-bg.com

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Regional office Ruse

1 Hristo Botev Blvd

Tel. (+359 82) 844 792
Fax (+359 82) 844 791
Mob: (+359 899) 123 139
e-mail: ruse@axxon-bg.com

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Regional office Haskovo

West Industrial Zone
Boliarsko chaussee

Tel. (+359 38) 661 005
Fax (+359 38) 661 005
Mob: (+359 899) 123 165
e-mail: haskovo@axxon-bg.com

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Logistics Center - Sofia

7 „Georgi Karaslavov”, Str
“Obelya”, Industrial Zone
1387 Sofia
Tel. (+359 2) 81 91 000
Fax (+359 2) 86 82 153
Mob.: (+359 899) 123 200
e-mail: info.center@axxon-bg.com

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Logistical Territorial Coverage


Logistical Territorial Coverage

The warehouses in all municipal cities – Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Haskovo, Blagoevgrad, Ruse, and Pleven – are used to ensure regular and continued delivery of client goods to all settlements in Bulgaria.

Every regional warehouse has approximately 1,000 sq. m storage space. Moreover, every warehouse strictly follows best practices when it comes to temperature and humidity control, fire prevention, hygiene, and access control.

ERP Management System


A modern ERP management system is deeply integrated throughout the company. Thanks to this EPR system, the central and regional offices all have real-time access to the company’s entire dataset. The ERP system is leveraged on all levels within the company in order to streamline existing company processes, such as manufacturing, invoicing, accrual, financial management, and accounting. The company always seeks to optimize and automate its work and management processes in accordance with the latest IT developments and technologies.

Снимка за "ERP система за управление"
Кариери Аксон

Freight Vehicles


In order to ensure that all products are delivered to their clients in an efficient and timely manner, Axxon Bulgaria JSC has more than 40 freight vehicles. Thanks to these vehicles, the company carries out numerous point-of-sale locations throughout the country on a daily basis. All deliveries follow a predetermined schedule that has been crafted in accordance with the clients’ needs. Each delivery occurs at a specific time and date and at a specific drop-off location.