Axxon Bulgaria JSC uses an integrated marketing approach to grow its partner brands. A high percentage of the partner brands are market leaders in their own product segments. All tactics and strategic decisions aim to increase the market share of the partner brands. The marketing team of Axxon Bulgaria JSC works closely with the partner brands on a daily basis in order to execute the carefully crafted marketing and sales strategies for every product that is distributed by the company.


Market Research


The marketing approach that Axxon Bulgaria JSC takes with each brand and product is heavily based on the available market data. The company continually gathers data and updates it when new information becomes available. Market trends and price fluctuations are monitored on a daily basis and the marketing and sales activities of competing brands are analyzed in detail. All strategic and business decisions are based on large-scale quantitative and qualitative studies.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns


Axxon Bulgaria JSC aids its partner brands by designing complex marketing activities that include trade promotions, consumer promotions, motivational programs, and multi-channel advertising campaigns that include ATL and BTL activities.

Continuous monitoring of the products’ supply and demand

The company also continuously monitors the supply and demand of the partner brands. A team of marketing experts observes this data in real-time and take immediate corrective actions in an effort to increase the popularity of the product and its appeal to consumers.

Continuous monitoring of performance results and immediate corrective action


The company’s marketing experts monitor the brands’ performance in real-time and take corrective actions when necessary.