Milupa Stracciatella cereal

milk Stracciatella cereal

corn based milk cereal from 12 months and onwards
Complete care
• Gluten free
• Texture for learning to chew
• Sustainable energy
• With adapted milk
Are you ready for new consistency?
Milupa offers a variety of cereal-based baby foods – specifically tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of infants and toddlers in good health for their optimal growth on each stage of development. Combined high nutritional quality –  different types of cereals, fruits and adapted milk, Milupa cereals 12-months onwards are healthy option for the next phase when it is ready to chew.
Milupa cereals are specially tailored to keep the natural flavour and  high quality nutritions.

Did you know?
At first, your young child may refuse to eat food wich consistency is not homogeneous. To make the transition through this stage smoother, you can alternate the porridges with a fine creamy consistency with those that contain larger pieces.

Important notice
Milupa milk stracciattela cereal is suitable for health young children from 12 months and onwards.Consult with your doctor about the introduction of nutritious foods and the expansion of the basic diet of young children, as well as their gradual adaptation to the usual food of the elderly. An infants of this age is also developmentally ready for other foods. This transition is referred to as complementary feeding.

250 g